Healthcare Business General Counsel Plan

If you own a business that is a provider of healthcare services, you need the advice of an attorney with experience in healthcare and with healthcare businesses.  With a principal that was a supervisor and manager of healthcare services, The Law Office of Marc Meyer, PLLC is highly qualified to provide the advice and counsel a healthcare entity needs.  If you have a need for a longer term legal advice, but don’t need to hire your own in-house legal counsel, consider the Healthcare In House Counsel Plan, a customized plan designed in consultation with you to meet all of your legal counsel needs.  This plan can grow with your company as needed up to the point where hiring your own in house counsel may be advisable, and The Law Office of Marc Meyer, PLLC can help manage the search for the right attorney for your entity.

To get started, schedule Small Business Consultation for only $225 (applied to the first month if you sign up for a year-long plan):

If you want to start-up a new healthcare business, see our Start-Up Entrepreneur Plan, priced $600/month for 3 months

If you already have a business, see our Small Business Annual Plans, starting at $300/month.