Healthcare Start-up Entrepreneur Plan

If you are a provider of healthcare services and starting your own business, you need the advice of an attorney with experience in healthcare and with healthcare businesses.  With a principal that was a supervisor and manager of healthcare services, The Law Office of Marc Meyer, PLLC is highly qualified to provide the advice and counsel a new healthcare entity needs.  The Healthcare Start-Up Entrepreneur package includes the following services:

  • Initial meeting or telephone conference regarding formation of a healthcare business, including advice on the type of entity to be formed.  This is the start of the three-month engagement;
  • Filing of the Certificate of Formation with the Texas Secretary of State (filing fees not included in the fee);
  • Drafting of Initial Corporate Bylaws or LLC Operating Agreement;
  • Obtaining the initial EIN from the IRS;
  • Conference in-person or by phone for organizational meeting or drafting of unanimous consent to formally complete the incorporation process;
  • Phone consultation as needed for additional start-up legal issues during the three-month period following the initial meeting.

To get started for only $600/month for 3 months:

If you already have a business, see our Small Business Annual Plans, starting at $300/month;

If you are not a small business or you require more extensive legal counsel, see our Business General Counsel plan page for more information;

If you are not sure which plan is best for your business? Contact us or schedule a Small Business Legal Consultation.